About Total Interactive

We are a company that aim to provide venues and outlets throughout Canada the ultimate in-house entertainment system, providing you with the latest digital direct marketing solution and also the ability to deliver up to date messages to all of your customers. And its all completely FREE OF CHARGE our products will never cost you a cent or take up any of your valuable time.

The programs are totally tailor made to each individual venue and can even be branded, so you can have the latest in direct digital marketing solutions to increase brand recognition with your customers.

There can be no doubt that a central information point within your business can focus your customers on the benefits of your products and services which will in turn increase your sales . Total Interactive seeks to improve the amount of customers going through your business as well as increase your cash flow. The screen acts as your own in house sales person who never takes time off always keeping your guests upto date with everything that’s happening now and in the future.

Total Interactive is designed to be a non intrusive direct marketing solution that will both improve your sales and provide awareness of your products and brand identity. Total interactive is a fantastic addition to your already in house promotions and whats more the product is totally in your control and its completely hassle free.

Why not take a listen to our audio and visual demonstrations and they will show you and explain how simple and effective Total Interactive really is.

The Benefits of Total Interactive.