The Product

The Total Interactive system provides venues like yourself, an entirely free of charge in-house entertainment and marketing solution. You can use the product to promote all aspects of your business as well as back up your staff. Remember Total Interactive reaches almost everyone, it's a powerful tool and it can be yours for Free!

We provide you with up to a 55" High Definition screen, a Total Interactive media player and a complete tailor made television program about your venue.

We organise the installation, take care of the maintenance, basically you don't have to do anything other than supply us with information you would like to get across to your customers.

We also pay you for the pleasure of having such a fantastic product which we pay you every 12 months for the duration of the contract.

And finally we give you unlimited changes to your programme throughout the year.

Here are some points

  1. Use our screens to promote your own business with incentives to bring people back to your venue. Repeat business sooner is better than later, run competitions, have special days and let people know about it, don't rely on your staff to let people know what's going on. Let our screens do the work and entice customers back week after week.
  2. Make a residual income for your venue, we pay you 5% of any revenue we make from advertisers who feature on your media player in between your sales messages.
  3. Use the Total Interactive screens to promote your venue, make everyone aware of all aspects of your business.
  4. Encourage repeat visits.
  5. Compliment promotional events.
  6. Help support the sales team.
  7. Create an enjoyable environment.
  8. Keep customers in store for longer. Reinforce brand indentity.


If you have a question then please check out our FAQ area.

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